Sims 3

A Couple Cheats

  • Motherlode – $50,000 added
  • kaching – $10,000 added


What we have found through experience is that updates are important. These are only available in updates:

  • Pool and pond fountains and geysers
  • Alice and Wonderland trees
  • Futuristic wall sets
  • Town controls that let you plop lots, landmarks, and scenery
  • improved quality

We have also found that buy de bug is a multiple cheat cheat. With it you gain all the stuff you normally don’t have access. These include clothes, trophies, sculptures and gadgets, and skylights. So I conclude this tip with hope that you understand updates are important. You can find them in the launcher.

Tip 2: Wish Point 101

After lots of playing I’ve learned a way to use some of those special traits. This first is dedicated to all those sim players who hate fat sims. First, do all the things you sim child wants to gain wish points. Then, once you have 5,000 points, buy the fast metabolism trait.    This will mean that when your child ages to whatever, they will stay thin. You can also do this with adopted kids and toddlers. Another one is a bit obvious. Want to make twins? Get the fertility trait. Just don’t do what I did and have quintuplets at your ex boyfriend’s house. With only him and you there.:) If you need more money(and don’t like cheating) but  have no time for a second job, save up and get a hardly or non trait such as hardly hungry or no bathroom. You will then have more time.

Tip 3: Perfection is Key

This short tip will encourage you. Most don’t fully realize the power of the perfection trait. With this trait you can get rich fast. First, get the trait in design a sim mode. Next, buy a computer, easel, and kitchen for your house. Start learning all skills at once and watch skill channels on tv. Also work at the bistro. Then go to all competitions. Soon you will have enough lifetime wish points to buy perfection upgrades. Within a short period of time you will be filthy rich.


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  1. I need to do the updates! Thanks for reminding me!

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