Cheats, Cheats, and More Cheats

  • whererufrom (put new city name here) – changes city name
  • hellomynameis (new name) – changes mayor name
  • zoneria – hides empty zones
  • tastyzots – hides zots *but still need things*
  • howdryiam – takes out water requirement
  • weaknesspays – $1,000 added each time
  • riskymoney – $10,000 added and causes earthquake each time * recommended that you do it before you start*
  • hold ctrl, shift, alt and click to reenter god mode
  • ctrl and x brings up cheat box

Tip 1: City Fashion 101

City style can play an important role to how others view your city. Building and placing highways and avenues close together gives the viewer a big city appeal, where as streets and little roads shows more of a small town. Also,  city circles and few stoplights give off a suburban look. A city won’t be realistic if the skyscrapers are built on tiny streets(can cause traffic issues too). Another style technique is placement, key in big cities. A skyline looks better within other buildings than in a farm or the woods. Lastly if you have the latest versions you will notice the small icon next to RCI that looks like a hammer and a triangle. This will bring up the style menu. There you will find two buttons, one brings up styles so you can pick the building styles in your city while the other will take the selected ones and rotate them for your choice of years. NOTE: the style change will not affect current buildings, only ones built after the change. These notes on style conclude our first tip.

Tip 2: Thanks Neighbor

Neighbors play one of the most important roles in a city’s growth. If you want a tall and low wealth residential city, build a neighboring industrial city full of dirty industry. Office downtown neighbors provide outstanding boosts to high wealth residensies. Taxes in neighboring cities help too! Low taxes in one saturate demand in a high taxes city. Then you can lower demands in the saturated city to cause it to build huge buildings. This is a common tip pros at simcity use to build downtowns. Neighbors have a downside to though. I have learned from my experiences that more neighbors can be better, if you have too many they will steal jobs from other cities in the main city, causing mass unemployment throughout the neighboring towns. If the residential neighbors grow too much and get bottle necked, sims will want industrial jobs in their city, causing pollution. Also, neighbors, if next to each other, will take demand from the main city by working in each other. Neighbors have good and bad sides. In my opinion make one or two and you’ll have a good city!


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