The Sims Bugle is Here!

Starting soon we will have a new weekly post called The Sims Bugle. Each week you can learn the way we play sims by reading this post. In it you’ll find information about what is going on in our sim families. These posts will be provided by my mom, Elissa. Thanks for reading Simsglobal!

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Sim City 5

This might be one of the most exciting times for me! For the first time you can get your friends to play with you. Build a technological city with industry cities and tourist cities to support the sims. In the trailers two cities grow until the industrial city over-pollutes the river that turns the science city’s power wheel. The wheel gets clogged and the plant explodes, causing a major blackout and riot. The mayors work together to build a nuclear power plant and save the cities, showing the new city bondage your cities can have. They will also be making a way to not need power or water lines by using agents that home out sim needs. This game is not going to be out until 2013, but is already available for pre-order on origin. They have a limited edition and a deluxe with more city styles. Looking forward to it and hope you are too!

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Tip 1 is Done!

Please check out our latest tips on simsglobal as well as cheatcodes!

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Welcome to simsglobal

Hello from simsglobal!

We are a special blog designed to give tips, tutorials, and cheats for two great games in the sims family. Simcity and Sims 3 are two very popular games and some are just confused. Our goal is to take those who need an aid and make them a pro! For those who need help ask us here or at Thanks for coming!


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